• Cool Beans: Can 93 Degrees strike it hot?

    Mishthi Aggarwal brews her masterclass with a volley of ‘hot’ questions. What is the best temperature for brewing coffee? Do you know what happens when you add hot water to coffee grounds? Does the taste of the coffee change if you are using too hot or too cold water? An economics graduate from the University of Nottingham who also has a management degree from Harvard University under her belt, Aggarwal opens a small bag of green coffee beans and rolls them on a table. “Do you know Karnataka accounts for close to 70 percent of the coffee produced in India?” the 27-year-old storyteller starts to engage the class with interesting coffee nuggets.

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  • Mishthi Aggarwal: Brewing tradition and innovation at 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters

    Coming from the family of the Indian multinational snack food company and restaurant chain, Bikanervala, entrepreneurship runs in the blood of Mishthi Aggarwal. The fourth-generation entrepreneur is the only female specialty coffee roaster in India, a certified Q grader, and an authorised SCA trainer. As the founder and CEO of 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters, Mishthi oversees the production of bespoke blends innovated and developed in her organisation’s research and development centre.

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  • Insights from Coffee Experts

    Mishthi Aggarwal (CEO) emphasizes that coffee is not just about its energizing effects. It goes beyond, offering a range of health benefits. Dive deep into the world of coffee mastery with 'Insights from Coffee Experts.' Uncover the secrets, techniques, and unparalleled wisdom shared by industry connoisseurs. Elevate your coffee journey as these experts guide you through a rich blend of knowledge, transforming every sip into a delightful revelation.

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  • Coffee: Beverage Synonymous to Hospitality

    Coffee, the unparalleled elixir of hospitality, goes beyond its role as a caffeinated brew to weave a tapestry of warmth and connection. A cup of coffee is not just a beverage; it is an invitation to shared moments and heartfelt conversations. Its enticing aroma, from the first aromatic waft to the last lingering sip, creates an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity. With each cup, this cherished beverage becomes a conduit for hospitality, turning casual encounters into cherished memories, and making coffee not just a drink but a catalyst for the enduring spirit of togetherness.

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  • Coffee Bean to Brew

    Experts decode the coffee lingo, and spill beans on how India enjoys its coffee: Dive into the world of coffee as experts unravel the lingo and share insights on India's coffee culture. Explore diverse preferences and brewing trends in a flavorful journey. The love for coffee among Indians has transcended beyond filter kaapi thanks to the ubiquitous cafes in the country. Nevertheless, most of us find ourselves drowning in the exhaustive list of coffees when we visit cafes. To help you navigate through this, three coffee experts spill the beans on how to pick the right kind of coffee for yourself. For many, it takes one cup of perfectly brewed coffee to set things right, be it a Monday morning, a romantic date, or even a good time with friends. Coffee has been a popular drink among most Indians since its discovery in the country. From being prepared at home as a morning/evening beverage to having found its dedicated place in cafes, coffee has become a way of life.

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  • Interview: Mishthi Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters

    Can you tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to enter the coffee industry?

    Mishthi Aggarwal: I was raised in New Delhi within a close-knit joint family, proud to be the 4th generation of the esteemed Bikanervala Family. Following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of my grandfather, I draw valuable business counsel from family members.

    Inspired by their legacy and driven by a passion for the food and beverages industry, I entered the coffee industry with the goal of taking Indian-grown specialty coffee to unprecedented heights. The support and mentorship from my family have been instrumental in shaping my journey.

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  • Coffee Confessions: Debunking Common Myths And Misconceptions About This Caffeinated Drink

    Brewing up truth in your coffee cup! Let's unravel the myths swirling around your favorite pick-me-up. Expert shares facts.
    Contrary to the age-old notion that coffee stunts growth, rest assured, it's merely a myth. The belief that coffee leaves you parched is also unfounded; moderate sipping won't leave you high and dry. Beyond dispelling these misconceptions, discover the delightful side of coffee—its role in enhancing cognitive functions and packing a punch of antioxidants. Unlocking the truths behind the beloved beverage, this article explores the myths and facts surrounding coffee consumption to infuse warmth into our understanding of coffee's impact on our daily lives

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  • VALENTINES DAY: Brew Up Love: Unique Coffee-Themed Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    Find delightful and heartwarming DIY gifts inspired by everyone’s favorite morning brew. From personalized mugs to cozy coffee-scented candles, these ideas will warm your Valentine’s heart.

    As Valentine's Day approaches, the quest for the perfect gift to express affection intensifies. While traditional presents like chocolates and flowers remain classics, why not surprise your beloved with a gift that resonates with their love for coffee? Enter the world of coffee-themed Valentine’s Day gifts, where the aromatic essence of coffee blends seamlessly with expressions of love.

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  • Sweep Your Valentine Off Their Feet! 3 Ways You Can Add Coffee-Infused Chocolate Desserts To Your Menu

    Here are some amazing coffee-infused chocolate desserts shared by "Mishthi Aggarwal", Chief Executive Officer of "93 Degrees Coffee Roasters" you can add to your date night menu this Valentine's Day: Selecting the Right Coffee Beans Begin your journey by choosing the perfect Indian coffee beans to complement different types of chocolate. For dark chocolate lovers, opt for a robust and bold coffee like Indian Robusta, which stands up well to the intensity of dark cocoa. If your preference leans towards milk chocolate, consider a medium-bodied Indian Arabica for a harmonious pairing that doesn't overpower the sweetness. For white chocolate, a light and fruity Indian coffee, such as a washed Arabica, can provide a delightful contrast.

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  • Last-minute gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

    Looking for last-minute gift ideas for Valentine's Day? Check out our list of ideas for office- Coffee lovers, Find the perfect gift for your loved one!

    93 Degrees Coffee Roasters stands out for its dedication to quality and craftsmanship in the world of coffee, making this gesture all the more meaningful. Try their cold brew bags which come in 5 different variants packed in a single to-go box, that come with 93 Coffee samples, biscotti, cascara, dragees, and a coffee cup

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  • Empowering Habits: Transformative Practices of Women Leaders Shaping Success

    Mishthi Aggarwal, CEO, 93 Degrees Coffee Roasters, offers insights into her transformative habits as a woman leader on the path to success. Aggarwal emphasizes the importance of quality management, continuous education, and gaining relevant certifications to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Her voracious reading habit serves as a means to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.

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  • 11 Best Coffee Brands In India That Will Level Up Your Brews

    Since its launch in 2022, 93˚ Coffee Roasters has been making waves in India's coffee world. With a focus on sustainability and flavour, the brand is redefining how we enjoy our morning brew. What makes 93˚ Coffee Roasters special? They care about where their coffee comes from. By working closely with farmers and using ethical practices, they ensure each cup tells a story of quality and care.

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  • Brewing Success: Mishthi Aggarwal’s Journey to Redefine Indian Coffee

    From family legacy to Harvard education, Mishthi Aggarwal blends tradition with innovation in specialty coffee, shaping India's coffee future Mishthi Aggarwal, the visionary behind 93˚ Coffee Roasters, is not just brewing coffee; she's cultivating a movement. Inspired by her family's entrepreneurial lineage and fueled by a profound passion for coffee, Mishthi is on a mission to redefine India's coffee culture. In an exclusive interview with Deccan Chronicle, she shares insights into her journey, from the influence of her family's legacy to her commitment to sustainability and innovation. Here’s a peek into the story behind 93˚ Coffee Roasters and how Mishthi is shaping the future of coffee, one cup at a time.

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