The Mysterious Arabica Coffee Beans

The Mysterious Arabica Coffee Beans

 Arabica coffee beans are one of the two primary species of coffee beans that dominate the global coffee market, the other being Robusta. Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica) is known for its high-quality flavour profile and is generally considered superior to Robusta in terms of taste and aroma. These are usually oval in shape with a curved line in the middle. 

 Here are some key characteristics and information about Arabica coffee beans:


Flavour Profile:- Arabica beans are celebrated for their diverse and nuanced flavour profile. They often exhibit a wide range of flavours, including floral, fruity, and nutty notes. The taste can vary significantly based on factors such as the region where they are grown, the altitude, soil type, and climate conditions.

 Aroma:- Arabica coffee beans are renowned for their pleasant aroma. They can have fragrant and aromatic qualities, which contribute to their overall appeal.

 Caffeine Content:- Arabica beans generally contain less caffeine compared to Robusta beans. This lower caffeine content contributes to their smoother and milder taste. It also makes Arabica coffee more appealing to those who are sensitive to caffeine or prefer a less intense coffee experience.

 Growing Conditions:- Arabica coffee plants thrive in higher-altitude regions with cooler temperatures and ample rainfall. They are more susceptible to diseases and pests, so they require careful cultivation and attention.

 Shape and Appearance:- Arabica coffee beans are typically oval-shaped with a curved crease on one side. They have a smoother and more rounded appearance compared to the more robust and angular Robusta beans.

 Cultivation Regions:- Arabica coffee is grown in various coffee-producing regions around the world. Some renowned Arabica-producing countries include Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Each region imparts unique flavour characteristics to the beans.

 Specialty Coffee:- Arabica beans are often the preferred choice for specialty coffee production. Specialty coffee is characterised by its exceptional taste, meticulous cultivation, and careful processing. It's highly sought after by coffee connoisseurs.

 Price:- Arabica coffee beans typically command a higher price in the coffee market due to their superior flavour and the labour-intensive nature of their cultivation. This has led to the development of fair trade and sustainability initiatives to ensure that coffee farmers receive fair compensation for their efforts.

 Varietals:- Arabica has many varietals, each with its own complex and distinct flavour profile. Varietals such as Typica, Bourbon, Catuai, Chandragiri, SLN 795, Sachimore, and SL28 bring out different flavours in your cup, from fruity to chocolatey, giving coffee lovers a diverse range of delicious options to enjoy. These diverse Arabica varietals collectively paint a vivid picture of India's thriving and multifaceted coffee heritage.


In summary, Arabica coffee beans are prized for their exceptional flavour, aroma, and versatility in creating a wide range of coffee experiences. They are the preferred choice for specialty coffee and are grown in various regions worldwide, each contributing its unique characteristics to the final cup. Specialty coffee roasters, like us at 93, aim to bring out the best of these beans by roasting them carefully in small batches and making sure the best of every origin, estate, and varietal is brought to the end consumer to sip, savour, and enjoy. 

We are curious to know your thoughts on this wonderfully mysterious and complex bean and how many varietals of Arabica have you tried? 





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