Our Mission

To enrich the Indian coffee drinking experience and promote sustainable and ethical practices that make it special, one cup at a time

Our Story

93˚ Coffee Roasters was established with the aim of taking coffee to unmapped territories. We give value to calculated risk taking and delivering products that bring a change. Our vision stems from our love for coffee. Travelling the world, meeting new people and learning their stories made us decide that it was time to revolutionise India’s coffee culture. Rather than simply looking forward to the next travel itinerary in search of the perfect cup, we are determined to bring the experience home; to hold, sip, and enjoy.

The Story Of Coffee

Back in the 16th Century, A sufi saint named Baba Budan decided to take matters into his own hands and go on a pilgrimage to Yemen and smuggled back seeds of coffee to India. He then planted these in Chikmagalur, a region in the state of Karnataka in India. Through great fortune, the seven seeds prospered into a flourishing coffee plantation across the southern part of the country. Thereafter, began the many stories and experiences shared with friends, family and colleagues over a cup of coffee.

The Roastery

The complexity of a coffee bean provides it a compositional and sensory perspective. The most important part is the close interaction with farmers to actually understand the coffee they produce. From bean to cup, coffee comes a long way and it is our responsibility to perfect each step. We have an emphasis on sourcing high quality and sustainability coffee. It’s really important to us that our beans are ethically sourced and the farmers and their families growing our coffee are treated fairly. We deal directly with our farmers and the processing partners and buy fresh beans each year, roast them with care, paying attention to every detail. We test our green coffee over numerous industry standards and ensure that it is free of any defects.

The Roasting Process

Bespoke blends are innovated and developed in our Research and Development Centre. Our team is a band of coffee connoisseurs who love to keep abreast of the latest trends, technologies and developments in the coffee industry for you. Each coffee batch is gently roasted in high quality equipment, to capture the fullest flavour from every bean. Blind taste tests are set up in order to test each batch, repeatedly. Our roasting and quality control experts go over every aspect of the roasting process everyday. Each time we change a component of one of our blends, we start over. Every time a new single origin, blend or brew is introduced, we start anew. Through this process we discover the window of peak flavour and a perfect roast is developed. When a coffee hits that mark that we're looking for, it goes into service at cafes and onto the shelves as whole beans.

Sustainable Practices

At 93˚ coffee, we take the responsibility of maintaining a sustainable environment and continued prosperity for future generations of coffee drinkers and growers seriously. The bonds between our growers, roasters, cuppers, baristas and patrons cultivate relationships along the journey which make each cup of coffee special. Every link of this chain works together, pours their love and hard work to get good coffee and to uphold the values of our company.