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93 Degrees Coffee Roasters

Tiramisu Coffee- Medium Dark Roast, Flavour Notes: Roasted Coffee Cocoa Butter & Nutty

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93 Degree Coffee Roasters - Tiramisu Specialty Coffee, Roast Level - Medium Dark Roast; Flavour Notes: Roasted Coffee Cocoa Butter & Nutty

Origin: Karnataka, India

Estate Name: Shiv Ganga Estate

Process: Mixed

Elevation: 4700 ft.

Varieties:  Arabica and Robusta

Flavor notes: Roasted Coffee Cocoa Butter & Nutty

Ingredients: 70% Specialty Arabica, 30 % Specialty Robusta

Storage Information: The shelf life up to 6 months, if stored in cool and dry conditions. Once opened, please consume within 15 days to retain maximum flavour.

Note: We roast each coffee on orders only to make sure you get the freshest beans; it takes 3-4 days for the process to complete. Then we send it to you to brew, sip and enjoy.