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93 Degrees Coffee Roasters

93 Cold Brew Box (5 Bags in 1 Box)

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93 Cold Brew Coffee Box (5 Bags in 1 Box), Introducing our 100% Specialty Indian Coffee in 5 different variants packed in a single to-go box.

Type 1: Cold Brew

Roast Level: Medium Dark Roast
Flavour Notes: Blueberry, Brown Sugar, Black Cherry
Origin: Karnataka, India

Type 2: Citrus Upside Down

Roast Level: Medium-Light  Roast
Flavour Notes: Mandarin, Peach, and Mild Toffee
Origin: Karnataka, India

Type 3: Banoffee

Roast Level: Medium
Flavour Notes: Mild Cocoa Sugarcane & Caramel
Origin: Karnataka, India

Type 4Gianduja

Roast Level: Medium Roast
Flavour Notes: Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, and Maple syrup
Origin: Karnataka, India

Type 5: Fruit Cobbler

Roast Level: Medium Roast
Flavour Notes: Mixed Fruit, Roasted Almond, Nutmeg, and Peach
Origin: Karnataka, India

  • How to Use: Simply choose the sachet of your choice, put it a jug and add cold water. Let it steep for 14-18 hours and then enjoy your brew over iced.
  • Fun fact: You can leave the sachet in for longer to enjoy a more intense brew. Mix it up with fruits, spices and mixers of your choice to enjoy different versions of the same drink. 
  • Zero preservatives: Our coffee is packaged without the usage of any preservatives or added sugar. The proprietary filter paper not only ensures that the grounds stay in, but it also ensures the coffee stays fresh and only the optimum flavours seep out of it.
  • Sustainability tip: You can use the leftover coffee grounds to fertilize your houseplants.